No heating or hot water on your combi boiler?

    Try checking that your pressure gage is 1 - 1.5 bar for gas boilers and 1 bar for oil boilers.

    Radiator not getting hot or is cold at the top / bottom?

    1. Make sure both sides of the radiator is on.
    2. Try bleeding your radiators, make sure you no how to put more water in your system before doing this.
    3. Your heating system could have a blockage, sludge or faulty valve / valves on your system.
      If your not sure or this hasn't fixed your issue then please phone us to book an appointment.

    White marks around taps, over your bath and shower screen?

    These white marks are normally indicators , that you could be living in a hard water area. There is filters that you can install to help hard water areas and also soft water areas.
    To find out more please contact us for more information or a quote.

    Tap keeps dripping?

    1. Some taps are designed to drip a small amount after each use to clear the spout.
    2. The washer or cartridge could need replacing, over time these parts wear out. Sometimes its more cost efficient to replace the tap all together.
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    How to turn off water supply to certain appliances or to your house?

    1. Check below the appliance you want to turn off. More and more appliances have isolation valves below or near by.
    2. As you can imagine there is different isolation valves depending on appliance. Below are some of the most common used:

    How to turn my water off in a emergency?

    The safest and sometimes the quickest way is to turn off your incoming stopcock . This should shut off the water coming into the house. I you cant find the stopcock, then you should be able find the main stopcock in the road.

    This is normally under a square cover on the edge of your boundary. Open the taps to help get rid of the water, also this will check the water is off. Depending on your system this could take a while for the water to stop coming out of both hot and cold taps.

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